Providing #BohoMommaGoodness that is safe for the environment and your whole family.

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Behind the Branding

Behind the Maker

I am a black, queer parent of two high-energy kiddos.

I have worked to turn something that has always been an interest into something I could share with others.

Whether you're just learning, or you're continuing your journey of holistic, sustainable living, you can have information and products available to you.

Behind the Product

Convenience is often partnered with things that can be harmful in the long run.

Boho Momma Natural Living strives to give you products that add convenience and ease to your routine, while remaining safe for you and your family.

All of the ingredients that you find in Boho Momma All Natural Living products will only be those you can pronounce. Naturally derived, and workshopped until I can confidently say that my products are safe for the WHOLE family!

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Behind the Passion

Thank you for investing...

In an idea.

In a dream.

In a community.

In a family.

In yourself. 

In the idea of moving forward to create a world worth living in. Every little bit counts.

Zero-waste without harmful chemicals...

Safe for you and for the planet.

Great products from a great person! Keeping my hands clean and sanitized, staying safe without the harmful chemicals!

Cleansing without the dangerous chemicals and additives! By purchasing from their business, you're supporting a small, black owned business while helping preserve our earth and living a healthier life.

The Multi-Purpose Cleaner works as a stain remover, too! It literally took the hot cocoa out of my white shirt at work. Life. Saver.

I've been using Boho Momma Multi-Purpose Cleaner for a few months, it always leaves surfaces fresh and clean with no residue. My family was having some mold problems from the humidity and the cleaner wiped it right up! Thank you Boho Momma for making awesome products!